Product Description

NSM is a simple, clear, true real-time application that can be taken anywhere. With an easy to deploy low bandwidth secure web socket network interface, Click-Once client installation and fully persistent data storage, use NSM  in operations from simple fleet monitoring to critical emergency call taking and dispatch. Built for public safety resilience and security, NSM is suited for both enterprise and government fleet solutions.



Measure the volume of data traversing your mobile data network or determine the delivery performance of messages over the air with NSM’s PMDC data performance MDC statistics. plugin Statistics are compiled and presented as they happen every minute, hour, day and month and are visualized in a dashboard interface filtered by service or MDC department.

MDC performance statistics provide a clear, non ambiguous view of user experience on a MDC enabled mobile data system, clearly identifying, to the minute, radio network failures and restorations. With NSM’s “replay anything, anytime” data models, there is unbiased performance history and easy to correlate event to performance trace-ability.


The NSM data publishing logic implements true push based data updates as opposed to periodic polling of data sets. When a statistic updates, NSM updates its user interface (UI) immediately. When an application event triggers,  the event is published to all NSM clients as it happens; no delays and without large bandwidth requirements.

Module data may optionally be persisted to a SQL server database enabling clients to perform simultaneous ad-hoc replays of any model back to the lifetime of the data store. Using the non-express version of SQL means data may be stored and replayed forever.


The NSM client application is deployed via Microsoft Click Once technology, ensuring a simple deployment and application upgrades.

To deploy a new client, click the web link and enable the installation. To upgrade the application, restart then follow the prompts for the upgrade process.


Application Category


Key Benefits

  • True real time graphical statistics – Visualise any KPI in a clear clean easy to deploy interface. Rotating views to monitor multiple KPIs.
  • Flexible deployments – Proven to reliabily track thousands of active vehicles and events in true real time over consumer grade wireless 3G public cellular connections, where NSM client workstations can be easilly deployed and upgraded using web based Click Once deployment.
  • Visual replay – Recall critical event data and visualize it instantly on screen with quick replay functionality from any NSM client workstation.
  • Open API – Use the NSM (REST) Application Programming Interface to integrate your custom application to perform tasks such as triggering new events from third party applications, assigning units or modifying unit and event properties. Export data directly via the API or from the NSM client workstation to either XML or CSV format.

Key Features

  • Internet ready – Access the service in real time, from anywhere, using bandwidth optimised – secure web connections.
  • True real time visualisation – no caching – no polling – data visualised when it is received by the network.
  • Real time device mapping via fast private tile based map services (based on Open Street map, Google Maps, Bing Maps or any other WMC compliant mapping service).
  • Lifetime data recording, including one touch replay of device movements and event chronology.
  • Proven technology, used internally by Motorola Solutions Managed Services in public safety solutions.
  • Permission based login – for allocating functionality to each login.