Solution Description

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is rapidly becoming a mandatory requirement in law enforcement. ANPR systems have been proven effective in detection of unlicensed drivers, unregistered vehicles, stolen vehicles and serials, and aid in overall compliance both on and off the road.

Mtechnology Services have specific experience in ANPR technologies, including:

  • ANPR Engine and camera selection and configuration
    • With a wide range of vendor equipment available and new products becoming available every day, making a selection and then integrating ANPR equipment can be complex. Mtechnology Services have a detailed understanding as to what makes number plate recognition work best and have trialed and tested many products across a variety of vendors.
  • Fixed and Mobile deployments
    • ANPR solutions have use cases for static and mobile deployments, or a mixture of both. No matter what the mix, operators should have a clean and clear interface to the ANPR infrastructure where detection data can be shared between vendor equipment and plate read intelligence is collated into a common database.
  • Hot list (flagged plate) management
    • Managing flagged plates can require careful management and planning. See our solutions for managing plate data sets that span into the many millions of rows, where this data can sync to the field in real time, and mobile users can deploy updates to the data from fixed and mobile workstations.
  • Centralized reporting, analytics and performance management
    • Its always important to ensure the investment in technology is returning on its promise to deliver a benefit. Ask about how we’ve produced smart, repeatable and automatic reporting of ANPR solutions to statistically and financially measure the performance of any system.

Mtechnology Services have established relationships and partnerships with global vendors of leading ANPR equipment, that ensure the best solution for your requirements can be up and running fast.

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